Improving Collaboration with HR #HR-OD

Dale Arseneault <dalearseneault@...>

As I'm sure we all know, collaboration requires common language,
common purpose, and agreement to joint process. In my
organization, "KM" sits apart from HR and IT, and looks to partner
effectively with both to help clients at strategic and operational

But, I've got to admit, despite having some background in OD /
Learning and Development, I'm struggling with finding some common
ground with HR colleagues to improve our partnership and
collaboration, whether its combining workforce planning and knowledge
continuity into a wholistic approach for mutual clients, identifying
knowledge loss risks due to retirements, or launching a community of
practice for managers.

It would seem that root challenge is a definitional one - what
is "knowledge." When I've asked HR colleagues "so, what do YOU mean
by knowledge," I hear anything from "facts and
figures," "skills," "competencies," some synomym of qualifications
etc. I've so far been unable to influence the extention of
perspectives to also include broader definitions that have been
suggested by thought leaders over the last 12 years -- including some
members of this forum.

I'm reluctant to run down a "definition rat hole," but I see no
alternative at this point, except perhaps finding a joint KM/HR
project that will enable participants to learn by doing and draw
their own conclusions(which has been hampered so far by the lack of
common language).

Any suggestions on how to build common language and a simple commom
KM framework with HR colleagues would be much appreciated.

Dale Arseneault

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