Re: During this extraordinary time, what are we learning about the answer to the question: What is work? #COVID-19 #future-of-work

Aaron Buchsbaum

My 2 cents on “non-essential”:  it is a term whose meaning is relative to the views of The State, not The People (is this Marxist?!) I’m using capital letters to indicate that the term has more to do with a government (federal, state, municipal) looking at what operations will keep basic infrastructure and service systems functioning, and is defined to help balance against some threat that would otherwise lead to the choice to close those operations. More US-based info is here and here. What I’d like people to take away is that “non-essential” during a global pandemic with an infection and fatality rate higher than the seasonal flu, is not necessarily “non-essential” to people’s social and mental well-being generally.


Put very short, I look forward to my haircuts and worry my barber will be closed come September.

Wishing everyone good health…



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