Re: KM in disaster management #covid-19 -- failure theme for KMWorld? #COVID-19

Joel Muzard

Thanks Catherine,
Excellent article !


Le 3 avr. 2020 à 11:49, Catherine Shinners <catherineshinners@...> a écrit :

Good morning,
The cascading failure problem of our public health response was recently written about by Zeynep Tufecki in the Atlantic Monthly - you might find it of relevance to the conversation.

As Tufecki notes, the pandemic is taking place along with our annual flu season.   We here in the San Francisco Bay Area live atop two massive faults in the earth's crust.
What are cascading failures that would arise from an earthquake happening in a pandemic?   The day Gavin Newsom locked down our six counties, I thought about the challenges of that scenario.

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