Re: SUMMARY & NEXT STEPS: Are there gender differences in posting behavior in this community? #gender #peer-assist

Alina Pukhovskaya

I really enjoyed this discussion. I wonder if there is a follow up that I missed? Thank you! 

Alina Pukhovskaya 

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Hello, SIKM Community
I hope you all had great a Thanksgiving in the US (and that the international community enjoyed not having to entertain a dozen people!)

I’m re-sending the summary and next steps that Nancy Dixon and I wrote from the gender and diversity discussion two weeks ago. Thank you, several of you, who have responded and volunteered. 

I’m sending my note again with the summary. Please would you let Nancy and me know if you would like to participate in a live, 1-hour Skype or Zoom with fellow SIKM’ers to evaluate the SIKM design/facilitation/operation ideas that people proposed? We’d like to have the meetings later in December at times suitable for different time zones.


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Date: November 27, 2019 at 2:15:04 PM EST
Subject: [SIKM] SUMMARY & NEXT STEPS: Are there gender differences in posting behavior in this community?

Hello, SIKM Community 

Thank you for your courageous and insightful comments on your experience of gender and difference in our SIKM community. Nancy Dixon and I read every line in every post, parsed them, coded them, tallied common themes, and summarized this for us all to consider.(Please see attached.) (nancydixon@..., Katrinabpugh@...)

We summarized this with the goal of inquiring, not placing judgment. We may have missed some nuances or thoughts, so, please feel free to send us updates (emails in the attached).

Next steps will be two live one-hour discussions each including approximately six people, and representing a balance of genders, regions, experience levels and job types. If you would like to be a part of these discussions, please let Kate Pugh and Nancy Dixon know (emails in the attached), and if there is space available, we will contact you.. 

We hope to conduct those discussions over the next month, and bring back concrete recommendations. We will also conduct a survey of the full community to assess those recommendations. 

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!
Kate and Nancy

Katrina Pugh
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Best regards,
Alina Pukhovskaya

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