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Edwin K. Morrris

Dear Forward Thinkers of the Knowledge Management Community,


We ask for action and support from you. Pioneer Knowledge Services seeks your financial support in the form of a tax deductible donation.


Why help us? Because the missions of our for-profit advising (or consulting) competitors call them to generate profit (or increase shareholder wealth) by helping organizations achieve their goals. PKS’s mission calls us to bring grant and other philanthropic resources to the table, in addition to our expertise, to support organizations in realizing goals.

We are:


Vision: We inspire cultures that value knowledge as an asset.


Mission: We work with organizations to enhance their ability to gather, develop, share, and make more efficient the handling of information and knowledge that will better position organizations to achieve their goals.



If you find value by the programs we provide please consider committing to a recurring donation. Any amount is appreciated. If you are passionate about #KM please consider helping us. Please connect to



Be safe.


Yours in knowledge,




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