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Stephen Bounds

Hi Mila,

I'm not sure you'll find a comprehensive list of technologies for "knowledge recognition" per se, because the range of possible techniques that can be applied is so broad. Many tools also tend to be domain-specific rather than general in nature -- for example, in healthcare.

As per the Firestone and McElroy Decision Execution Cycle (itself derived from the Popper's Tetradic Schema) we may consider the process of knowledge recognition to have 3 broad components -- contextualising and recognising problems, identifying alternative solutions, and error elimination and selection.

Each of these areas can have knowledge tools deployed independently, although many technologies support two or all of these areas:

1. Contextualising and recognising problems
  • qualitative data analysis (eg NVivo, text mining)
  • quantitative data analysis (eg SPSS, R)
  • inference and auto-classification (eg semantic web, graph technology)
  • big data / AI insights (eg behaviour prediction, automated medical diagnosis)
2. Identifying alternative solutions
  • support facilitation (eg help desks, consulting)
  • topic-specific information repositories (eg intranets, knowledge bases)
  • natural language query interfaces (eg chatbots)
3. Error elimination and selection
  • triage / diagnostic / differential tools (eg MYCIN)
  • recommendation engines (eg Siri, YouTube, Netflix)

Hope this provides a useful starting point.


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On 16/04/2020 3:39 am, Mila Malekolkalami via wrote:

I need to identify different technologies in KM.
What technologies are used in different KM processes?

I have read Nick Milton's book, knowledge technologies. But i didn't find what I need.

For example, Orbital and Skillsoft are sample vendors in knowledge creation.

But I cant find any technologies that are used for recognition of knowledge.
I have to find these technologies used in organizations and compare them together.

On Wed, Apr 15, 2020 at 9:54 PM, Stan Garfield
Hi, Mila.

Thanks for posting again!

Please say a bit more about your query.  What do you mean by knowledge recognition?  How are you planning to use the information you are seeking?


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