Re: KM for small enterprises #KMers #resources

Dennis Pearce

Hi Deependra,

This is an observation from a sample of one (me) so might not be generalizable.  Over my career I went from working at IBM (300,000 employees) to Lexmark (15,000) to Igloo Software and now the Ounce of Prevention Fund (both around 350).  There seems to be an inverse relationship between formal systems and organization-wide collaboration.  IBM and Lexmark are international companies, so a lot of my time was spent on figuring out ways for employees who didn't know each other to connect.  At the Ounce, most people know each other and what they are doing, but there aren't very many formal systems so the work is more about getting everyone to use the same tools and processes.  

My experience has been that often the challenge with smaller organizations is finding content, because it could be scattered across hard drives, SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Docs, you name it -- whatever some individual decides works for them.  Of course any size organization could have any kind of problem because of their culture, but it seems to me that in general large organizations are more likely to have formal systems and repositories while struggling to connect employees, while the reverse is true for smaller organizations.

So I guess a question I would have for you in order to recommend resources is what challenges are you facing?  What problems are you trying to solve?

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