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My 2c is that we don't have a problem with search technology ,we have a problem with information governance - or to put it more bluntly, people giving a ****.

Typically a search engine is only as good as the underlying content. HR policies are the most commonly searched for internal enterprise content - but they actually need to exist for people to find them. On the other hand, if you find 2 undated, mutually contradictory policies, that is also unhelpful. And yet both those scenarios (too few and too many) are fairly common.

Of course, people shoot the messenger - so "search" gets the blame rather than the underlying content and its delinquent owners.

AI can no more solve that problem that it can magically make me lose 10kg.

I do think that some of the AI efforts are interesting.useful and worth watching (and also worrying from a privacy perspective) but this is a case of using technology to distract ourselves from some simple problems. So I think we ultimately agree.



On Sunday, 19 April 2020, 09:43:16 am AEST, Stephen Bounds <km@...> wrote:

Hey David,

Microsoft seems to be doubling down on AI an graph discovery as an alternative to traditional search techniques:

I remain skeptical of general purpose AI as a solution for this kind of problem. I feel like organisations that value timely discovery have to invest the time in building the processes and common knowledge necessary to enable it.

To the extent that AI may be a solution, I feel like natural language interfaces (AI chat) have a better long-term shot at success. Bots need context too!

What do you think?


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On 19/04/2020 12:23 am, David Eddy wrote:

Matt - 

 Google PageRank works OK in a hyperlinked environment

I deal with “Google behind the firewall.”  

Meaning: how to efficiently research the depths/maze of connections in the decades of operational software applications that are the firm’s (poorly documented) nervous system.

In many software environments the linkages between components is something of a challenge to chase automatically.

I look at the simplicity of explicit HTML links as cheating.  

Inside the firm’s firewall(s) & operational silos, explicit connections are largely not there.

There’s a solid reason for Google to drop their GSA (Google Search Appliance) back in 2016.  It simply does not work on much of the material inside a firm.

- David

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