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Edwin K. Morris

April and Arthur thank you very much!
As we all share the tip of the spear as innovative thinkers I find it sometimes it can be a lonely space.
Both or your comments warmed my heart and reminded me that though I may feel unsupported and unheard at times I am reaching some who are ready to hear and care. It all builds toward a brighter world.
Be safe.

Yours in knowledge,

Edwin K. Morris
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It's possible people didn't realise the link Edwin provided went to a PayPal donation page. 

It would be a wonderful thing if one day these individual voluntary services could become the purview of a single, global professional membership service that included RealKM, this podcast, and the SIKM community management. In the meantime, here are the two links together:

Pioneer Knowledge Service donation -


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Hi KMers,


I have known Edwin for a long time and respect and appreciate his investing significant effort and resources to generate high quality podcasts. These can help increase awareness of the importance of knowledge for decision-making. We need more services like “Because You Need to KNOW” podcast to supplement aligned knowledge services like Real KM Magazine and SIKM Leaders forum. If the KM community don’t support initiatives to widen the scope  and understanding of the role of knowledge, then we can’t expect those outside our knowledge communities to notice that it is of value.


The COVID crisis has highlighted just how important timely Knowledge-informed decisions are, to achieve optimal outcomes as well as real time generated knowledge being acted on as it emerge. Where leaders have listened to the people reflecting  and acting on real time data as it is generated have fared best in this crisis. These principles apply to a much wider range of activities in life than a crisis. When we get more people (and especially leaders) to understand this, society will benefit. Interestingly, the same thing happened in the 1918-9 ‘flu pandemic, but when many authorities relaxed their measures too early the second cycle hit. More died in the second than the first because they acted as if it was al over (including San Francisco who got through cycle one relatively unscathed, through disciplined constraint control).  


There is no doubt that “return to normal” being sought by many is not a realistic possibility. What we do know is that we will be in a very different place with different expectations of society and probably with different structures. There was a lot broken about the “old systems”, especially far too much short term thinking and actions over longer term strategic sustainable decision-making. This is driven by an “extraction mentality” to harvest the planet, rather than recognising that there are constraints on the ecosystem.  With more behavioural adaptability and open to new normal alternatives, we will get to better paces when people are more aware and more open to knowledge principles and practice Lets support the wider sharing of what we know, to assist others to know …



Arthur Shelley

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Dear Forward Thinkers of the Knowledge Management Community,


We ask for action and support from you. Pioneer Knowledge Services seeks your financial support in the form of a tax deductible donation.


Why help us? Because the missions of our for-profit advising (or consulting) competitors call them to generate profit (or increase shareholder wealth) by helping organizations achieve their goals. PKS’s mission calls us to bring grant and other philanthropic resources to the table, in addition to our expertise, to support organizations in realizing goals.

We are:


Vision: We inspire cultures that value knowledge as an asset.


Mission: We work with organizations to enhance their ability to gather, develop, share, and make more efficient the handling of information and knowledge that will better position organizations to achieve their goals.



If you find value by the programs we provide please consider committing to a recurring donation. Any amount is appreciated. If you are passionate about #KM please consider helping us. Please connect to



Be safe.


Yours in knowledge,




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