Yammer - Renaming Topics? #Yammer

Lee Romero

Hi all - A question for those of you who use Yammer.

Yammer used to provide functionality to rename a topic.  You could visit the page for the topic and, from there, you could rename.  Because Yammer like to lower-case everything except the first letter of a topic, this can be useful so that (for example), "camel hump" casing can be used to make topics that concatenate words together more readable.

In the last few weeks, it seems like the "Rename topic" option is gone.

The MS-provided documentation does not seem to mention this.

I tried some searches via Google to see if anyone has written anything about this but I can't find anything.

Can anyone offer some insight if you see this option in your Yammer network still?  Or is anyone aware of any documentation that specifically says this functionality has been removed or maybe moved elsewhere??

Lee Romero

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