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Zweli Ndayi

Good evening everyone who responded to my query. 
I appreciate all your inputs and will do engage individually to ask follow-up questions as I take this km journey forward.

Your selflessness and giving spirit will not go unnoticed.

Thank you once again.

On Sun, 03 May 2020, 13:15 Pavel Kraus, <p.kraus@...> wrote:

during my time in the role of Knowledge Networking Officer for Roche Diagnostics we have developed two workshop designs to accelerate project in research. We did not talk about concepts, but instead we interacted with the organization as embedded consultants on the shop floor. One single workshop devoted to a fast start of a project delivered a concrete result, namely to move a projected milestone from November back to May. The 1.5 day workshop took place in January.

So if you ask about the impact - there was a time to market acceleration of 6 months. There was no additional time investment, because a kick-off workshop was planed anyway. The difference was the way how this workshop was conducted and this is what I call workshop design.
To measure the impact, we used the classical metrics with which projects have always been measured by: time, cost etc. This was perceived by the team and management as something very tangible and practical.

Some details about this projects were published in 2002:
Regards, Pavel
Good morning
Many organizations in SA are only starting now to embrace the concept of Knowledge Management. Now there is still a big confusion to understand the key role of knowledge management and impact it can have in an organization. Can you give me practical examples to demonstrate the value of KM. In your response can you be clear on the HOW part?

Thank you

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