Re: Invitation: Cortex from the KM Perspective (4/30 9 ET) #webinar

Katrina Pugh

Hello, SIKM Community.

Thank you to all of you who participated Chris McNulty’s Cortex introduction, hosted by SIKM Boston Chapter. Here is the link to the recording on our new SIKM Boston YouTube channel:


We had lots of good questions about Cortex - for example, how it integrates with the MS Graph and other sources, how the KM’er can scope, set permissions, and manage subscriptions. There is a lot here in the recording, so I recommend you also go to the Project Cortex overview on Microsoft.
These were the questions Chris answered from the chat:
1. Why do we as KM'ers need this?
2. Can your search scope go outside of O365 (e.g., WWW, other databases, Powerpoint files, audio/video)?
3. Can you search (and tag) MS Teams posts?
4. What's the licensing (e3, e5)?
5. What's the approach to information protection, security,, HIPPA, GDPR?
6. Can individuals see only certain content?
7. Can individuals personalize/subscribe to certain content (opt in or subscription)?
8. Who can edit the topic cards?
9. Can you say you don't want to be associated with a topic?
10. Can topics trend up and down (infer the topics, like "too big to fail")?
11. Can you do the same for individuals (emerging leader or group of leaders/page or site)?
12. Can the admin manipulate the emphasis of different “sources of truth”?
13. What languages are coming?
Thanks goes to Chris for his great presentation, to Mike Gilronan for organizing, and Andrea Bracken for managing the Teams meeting, recording and YouTube channel. 
Kate Pugh

Katrina Pugh
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On Apr 29, 2020, at 1:21 PM, Stan Garfield <stangarfield@...> wrote:

Kate can post a link to the recording in this thread, so there is no need to reply to ask to be added to a distribution list for it.

Thanks, Kate!

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