Re: Invitation: Cortex from the KM Perspective (4/30 9 ET) #webinar

Tammy Bearden

Thank you, Kate, for sharing the playback! I'd encourage everyone to listen to it. Having heard Chris a few times now, I greatly appreciate his KMer-directed talk far better than all previous talks.

Thankful that Microsoft is catching up and finally offering knowledge solutions that also incorporate the people and process needs after KM practitioners have been working on people profiles, metadata, COPs, and CMS for 3 decades.

It has puzzled me why solid, value-added disciplines (like KM)

take so long to get actionable attention. Another institutionalized example of KM finally taken seriously is with the Project Management Institute, who officially incorporated KM into their PMBOK in 2017, 26 years after Nonaka introduced the concept of KM as a valuable discipline. I hosted a workshop on that specific session with our local PMI chapter for professional development days in October because I want others to benefit from the value of applying KM principles.

Long live KM!

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