In what Industries or Segments does KM Thrive? #KMers #discussion-starter #future-of-work #state-of-KM

Chris Jones

The 'loss of KM jobs' question is a good one, but this one flips it around.

Consultants among us may be quick to answer - "It depends !!"  but what does it depend on?  I'd tend to look at industries with strong R&D, who care about intellectual property, patents, grants and the like. In those markets, KM is a critical core competency, no matter how it's organized or packaged. So maybe it would be pharma, high tech (e.g., AT&T, Xerox, 3M), gov't/research (eg. EPA, NIH, DoD) -

What have you seen?  Do you agree or disgree with my rationale?  And I'm curious if there's a good SIKM compedium that organizes KM success by industry? Maybe you can 'bold' your industry answers so they pop - if there's no central compendium built, maybe we could build one here, in this thread - !?

Best - and be safe -

Charlotte NC

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