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Barbara Fillip

Hello everyone,
I'm responding by starting with Nick Milton's blog post key takeaway.

In my case, I need to ensure that our KM activities directly support our New Business efforts.  How is the KM team helping proposal teams get quick access to well-curated information about past and ongoing projects?  That's our corporate library activities, which are geared towards proposal needs.  How is the KM team helping proposal teams  access the technical expertise spread across the organization? That's our technical communities of practice being supported with a social enterprise network managed by the KM team. 

Beyond that, I am lucky to be sitting in a very small KM office (myself and one support person) strategically positioned within a broader team focused on "data, innovation and outreach" reporting to the Executive Office. Cutting off KM would not save much money in this case.  And since we are closely associated with the CEO's new corporate strategy, I don't think we are in danger (for now).

Critical to the survival of our KM efforts is also the fact that while the KM team provides guidance and coordination for the technical communities of practice, these technical practice teams are funded in a decentralized fashion by various regional units.  The cost is spread out.  This, while a serious pain to deal with on any given day because they report to these different regional units and not to the KM team, was specifically designed to keep them alive in lean times.  If they had been centralized in one unit, they would be a big target for cuts. 

Finally, remote work (on a global scale) has increased the velocity of our digital transformation and required KM to continue and even expand its collaboration with IT.  In fact, some of the things we were working on around global, virtual communities of practice prior to the crisis, have already made a huge positive difference in our ability to operate effectively in a COVID world. 

Stay well!
Barbara Fillip
Director of Knowledge Management
Chemonics International

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Hi Pavel


My blog post “how to keep your job as knowledge manager” addresses this question




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It is painful to observe, that in the Corona crisis a large international company has fired the whole Knowledge Management Crew. We at SKMF have seen a similar case in 2015. But within 12 months the same company started to build a new KM team again. Because in the meantime, they realized what value the KM team delivered to the whole organization. It almost seems that if the knowledge managers do their job right, they become invisible. Everything runs smooth. So there is an impression they are not needed and in time of crisis they are fired. Any suggestions what KMers can do to communicate their value better?

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