Introducing the SIKM Leaders Community Champions Project #Special

Stan Garfield

Last Wednesday we celebrated the 15th anniversary of this community, which is still going strong. As part of the SIKM Blueprint shared recently by Kate Pugh, today we're launching the Community Champions project. You can read about it on pages 5-6 in the document. If you want to look at all materials related to the SIKM Blueprint initiatives, you can find them in Files.
Starting today our community will have two community champions who will be rotating every two months. Some of the activities they will be taking on are: 
  • Introducing new members to the community
  • Monitoring and facilitating discussions as needed
  • Initiating new discussions with the intent of including new voices
  • Supporting ongoing activities such as the monthly call
  • Helping launch new activities such as the live conversations and peer assists
  • Modeling and reinforcing new norms for the community: integrity, courtesy, inclusion, and translation
The first two community champions are the two community members who developed the project: Aprill Allen and Ivan Butina. As you can see, they filled in their profiles on and made them visible to all other community members. I invite you to do the same by editing your profile for SIKM to include a link to your LinkedIn profile and information about yourself. For example, Aprill added things she does in her spare time and something she is seeking. If everyone adds things they want to learn more about to their profile, it will help us gather the right people for peer assists and other activities.
Thanks to Aprill and Ivan for leading this project and serving as the initial community champions. I look forward to reaping the rewards of their efforts.


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