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Aprill Allen

I think we have to embrace that KM manifests in many different ways.

I see unification as a possibility in a foundational sense - the practices. If academics continue researching those practices and efficacy in different contexts, it gives the professional world an excellent ground on which to continue applying relevant practices, developing methodologies, establishing professional certification paths and so on. The professional world (i.e. consultants and practitioners) is and has always been responsible for telling the stories that demonstrate KMs contribution to the desired outcome, whether that outcome is digital transformation of some sort, building a learning organisation, capturing and disseminating verified COVID knowledge, etc etc. The potential of our community, IMO, is the opportunity to parse the academic research together, and formulate what that means in practical terms for the people who want the outcomes we work for. (This bit here is where the group gets lost, because we don't have a system or process for completing that translation. A challenge may kick off, but we don't have a trade magazine or professional journal, or association publication that could facilitate the ongoing peer review in a structured way.) Then it's up to each of us to take that message to our respective specialised markets.

The key here, is telling the stories that demonstrate KMs contribution to the desired outcome. We're great at talking to each other, but I don't think we're banging the drum loudly enough out there in the world. There aren't enough conference presentations at non-KM events that explicitly name knowledge management and link it to the value derived, for example. This is why Nick Knoco's curated ROI content is so useful. The more we go out there talking about and explicitly naming knowledge management at agile events, tech events, IT events, HR events......, and drawing the link between KM and the respective specialisation, whatever it is, the higher its profile will get.


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