Re: Value KPIs, statistics, facts on loss or gains associated with poor or great metadata mining #value #metrics #metadata

David Eddy

Minu -

Please share any studies, surveys, articles, reports, on KPIs, stats or facts on loss or gains associated
>  with poor or great Metadata mining.

It would be useful if you would CLEARLY state what your situation is & what you think you need.

Regurgitating marketing bafflegab & jargon is not useful.

“Millions of documents” says nothing.  Last I looked, I have 2M+ documents on this desktop computer.

Please share with us what you consider to be “metadata.”  What is NOT metadata.

On May 1st I asked:

Three questions:

1/ - what do you consider to be (or not) a "document?"

2/- what is [your] technical environment(s)?

3/ - how big (employees) is the organization & how old is it?

- David

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