Re: May 2020 SIKM call: Tom Barfield - Navigating Knowledge to the User #monthly-call

Tom Barfield

Thank you to everyone who participated in the call today!  My notes from the call are attached.  Here is a summary (detailed notes are attached).

Introduced first Community Champion volunteers
– Ivan Butina and Aprill Allen are our first champions! They will be champions for May and June.

Introduced the KM Collection to the community - This Collection is intended to help the KM professional community better find and use relevant information on knowledge and collaboration.  The group sounded very interested in giving the KM Collection a try.  Link to the Getting Started section of the KM Collection

Discussed ideas on “Navigating Knowledge to the User”


  • Examples of Navigating knowledge to the user
    • Ivan Butina shared ideas using Pocket that were considered by World Bank.  This sounded like a similar approach to the KM Collection
    • Jean-Claude Monney talked about the need for KM to help the world (specifically the World Economic Forum) synthesize and organize content related to Covid-19 (state of Covid-19, treatments, vaccination progress, cultural challenges…)
    • Adriaan Jooste supported Jean-Claude’s ideas on Covid-19.  Adriaan also shared ideas being implemented in Deloitte to provide consultants information at point-of-need via an internally developed solution called DFlow
  • Examples of signals we can tap into to intuit user needs
    • Tom Dennis shared a vision he is working on to go beyond data/document classification to getting to semantic approaches.  We need systems that help us make sense out of the information we have.
    • Kate Pugh shared a vision around connecting independent information and data sources together – to derive new insights.  So much of what we have is in disconnected silos.
    • Jean-Claude Monney – Agreed that we are flooded with information and need systems to help us make sense of it.  


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