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Nick Milton

Daan, I am sorry, my survey data (which I hope to release in the next 7 days) will not show whether KM posts are diminishing. It does show that the people who answered the survey say that the importance of KM is increasing in their organisations (74%) or not changing (25%). Only 5% say the importance is decreasing.

Also a survey of knowledge posts I did on LinkedIn in January of this year ( showed that there were 47% more people on LinkedIn with Knowledge roles than there were in late 2014.

None of these statistics above reflect or measure the loss of KM professionals and teams during the pandemic. Only a later analysis will show whether KM lost more professionals than other disciplines did (safety management, risk management, quality management, project management, information management etc). It would be wrong I think, at this moment, to rely only on anecdotal evidence. Lots of people are losing their jobs, not just knowledge managers.

Nick Milton

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Dear SIKM:

I noticed the discussion in this community on the trend of diminishing KM positions or KM units dissolved within organizations. That is a sad observation and I’m waiting for the data of Nick Milton, due in a few weeks, to see if this is a global phenomena. Regardless, in my view businesses in profit and non-profit do need KM. Why? The world is now changing at a rate unprecedented and at which the basic system, structures, and cultures built over the past years cannot keep up with the demand being placed on them. Baby steps to manage and strategize to the new normal are not sufficient and organizations and economies need something very new to stay abreast. In an age of tumultuous change and uncertainties, knowledge management provides organizations the capacities and insights to plan, adapt, and mainstream new concepts of doing business. A KM function and KM processes in place provide a valuable contribution to this process of planning and realignment. Maybe the current environment is a signal to renew and revive KM in organizations?

For the past years CCLFI provides a successful KM practitioners course twice a year but for one reason or another, we see a peak in demand. The 2nd 2020 batch is already fully booked and we decided to schedule a 3rd batch, starting in August. Maybe something to think of during WFH.

Warm regards, and stay safe and healthy.


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