Are knowledge managers losing jobs right now? #KMers #discussion-starter #jobs #state-of-KM

Stacie Jordan Brenkovich

Sharing the 2020 Human Capital trends from Deloitte with a trend focused on knowledge management which was great to see called out!  I think it has some great insights around how we as knowledge management professionals can provide value to our organizations.  While technology is making knowledge management more efficient, the ability to tie knowledge efforts to action and creating knowledge to jump start innovations and launch new products and services is where the value lies but it's a big gap today (82% of respondents said their organizations can do better at this). The more we can do to address the gap the more value we show to the business.  Efforts like curating best content to support client teams around the COVID response, capturing stories of how we are showing up for our clients and helping them respond during this crisis,  leveraging community to crowdsource ideas to specific business challenges to come up with ideas for new products/services are a few examples.    You can find the full report here, the KM chapter here.

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