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Soha Radwan


I think it is important for beginners to know how to start and where to start. How to prepare a road map/ strategy/ approach and how to ensure it is linked to the core business. I believe examples from real life are the best way, as most of KM courses are theoretical.


On Monday, 25 May 2020, 20:28:58 UTC, Cindy Young <cjbutler97@...> wrote:

Hello!  I am creating an online KM course for beginning professionals on their KM journeys.

I am starting it off with some history on KM (for instance, Polanyi, Nonaki), basics on tacit and explicit dimensions, terminology: knowledge sharing, transfer, creation, knowledge sharing networks/CoPs, and knowledge mapping,..but I just don't want to get too deep since this is a beginners course.  I will be doing videos for it with pdf transcripts. I would also like to highlight some of the more experienced people in KM in video interviews for this course.

  • I haven't decided on how many modules I will have, but what do you consider are the most essential ideas beginning KM professionals may be looking for to do their jobs?
  • What concepts for beginners would best help them get set up for success?
Thank you for any and all feedback!


Dr. Cindy Young, PMP, LSSMBB, CMQ/OE
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