Re: Creating Online KM Course - Requesting Input #KM101 #learning

Ginetta Gueli

Hello Cindy,
if I were a student I would like to speak with a professional which would bring his/her own practical experience on the field. And if I were a teacher I would like to see student's eyes truly interested and I personally think that KM professionals are the ones who can make this effect on them. This to say: invite someone from the field to share their experiences with all the winning points and the lessons learned, with all the celebration days and the 'tiers and blood' days a KM project/program can bring...better if these professionals are coming from different countries and/or continents as KM ctions might be slightly different due the local culture.
If you want support in that, just let me know.
Hope it helps.

Il 27.05.2020 17:44 Alice MacGillivray ha scritto:

I like your list Srividya.
Cindy: given that you’re looking for relevance and practical applications, might you include a mini project?
For example, you might provide a short list of typical organizational challenges, which might benefit from knowledge management approaches.  Student could work in teams, choosing one challenge and developing a draft tool or process?

Alice MacGillivray


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