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Hi, John
I’m fascinated by this, too, as I believe that our neuroplasticity can be influenced by conversation. THis is an older article by Rock and Schwartz in the Strategy & Business publication (free), which talks about the neuroscience of change, and, specifically, insight. 

Quoting from the later part of the article (emphasis mine):

Mark Jung-Beeman of Northwestern University’s Institute for Neuroscience and others have recently used fMRI and EEG technologies to study moments of insight. One study found sudden bursts of high-frequency 40 Hz oscillations (gamma waves) in the brain appearing just prior to moments of insight. This oscillation is conducive to creating links across many parts of the brain. The same study found the right anterior superior temporal gyrus being activated. This part of the brain is involved in perceiving and processing music, spatial and structural relations (such as those in a building or painting), and other complex aspects of the environment. The findings suggest that at a moment of insight, a complex set of new connections is being created. These connections have the potential to enhance our mental resources and overcome the brain’s resistance to change. But to achieve this result, given the brain’s limited working memory, we need to make a deliberate effort to hardwire an insight by paying it repeated attention.

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On May 28, 2020, at 6:33 AM, John Kirk Browning <jkirkb@...> wrote:

Is there a specific term for when someone has an epiphany or flash of insight about analogy from one topic to another. Those are very useful. Morphism? For example, Alexander Graham Bell was contemplatively watching the water flow on a creek on his father-in-law's farm when the wind blew leaves on top of the water. His dilemma was moving beyond telegraphy, so it showed him the key was to but a wave on a current. Voila, the telephone.

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