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Great question. +1

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Hello Stan,
how would you answer this question: "Why should I take a career in KM when almost nobody knows it? And in case they know it, why should I take a career in KM which is normally not recognized, it takes a long time to be recognized, it is a job that you can lose from a day to another? What's in it for me for the medium and long run?
This might sound provocative to you, but I can assure you that people I know rarely knew KM and when they knew it, they wish me good luck. Please note that according to my international experience in some countries this specialization is something 'alien' and you cannot find job easily unless you try your luck in big NGO or big consulting companies (which by the way are reducing local KM as far as I know).
Thank you and looking forward to listening your point of views.
Best regards,

Il 28.05.2020 05:32 Susan Ostreicher ha scritto:

Hi Stan, 

On tomorrow's call, I'd love to hear about the KM accomplishment you're most proud of, and also one project you'd do differently if you had the chance. 


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