Integration of external content in KBase – what’s your view? #question

Tatiana Gudilina

Dear SIKM community, I’ve got my entire KM experience within professional services environment, namely big4 consulting firms. Would you please share some industry perspective on the matter:


I joined strategy department of a large bank to build a knowledge management concept. So far interviews with leadership and colleagues in strategy show, that they see integration of external analytical content as an important and almost mandatory part of building an enterprise knowledge portal. 


Please help me calibrate! Is this a common practice on the market? From the consulting perspective and my personal point of view – integration of external content at the enterprise level is mostly evil... 

Here is some of my reasoning:

  • Mixing of internal and external knowledge (1) misleads employees, they came to an enterprise portal for the verified “truth” from the company (2) blurs the brand, we are positioning internal methods and expertise, aren’t we?
  • Hardly can be fully automated (1) external sites are constantly changing (2) not all content even from the trusted sources will be equally valuable – which means manual curation (demanding FTEs too smart to work with content)
  • Google will be more efficient unless you've got a very specific knowledge domain and enterprise search is truly adapted to it 
  • Copyright restrictions at contract agreements level (1) major business information providers restrict storage (2) access to subscription or report might be for a department level only

Thank you in advance!


Kind regards,



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