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Tom Barfield

Nirmala – thanks – we were very proud of those videos.  They were made by Q Creative.  They were/are primarily accessible internally – including via the new employee orientation.




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Thank you for sharing, Tom.

These videos are well-made, short and effective! Do you make these videos in-house? I presume they are shared on the intranet rather than on YouTube, when it comes to employee orientation ? 






On Thu, 4 Jun 2020, 22:08 Tom Barfield, <thomas.m.barfield@...> wrote:

Hello Nirmala - when at Accenture we utilized videos to help build awareness of the vision and at times to introduce capabilities.  One challenge was creating a video that would stand the test of time.  Here is an example of a set of videos that I have stood the test of time - I think they were produced in 2011.

I have created a folder in the KM 101 topic of the KM Collection for us to share links to orientation videos.  The KM Collection is open to everyone - though it requires a login.  Create a login by visiting

We could use the KM Collection to collect links to other types of KM orientation materials.



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