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Douglas Weidner

Hi Pavel,
Great and simple article - right to the sad, but true, point: 

"So what would be needed to keep everybody happy? This is what nobody wants to hear. Namely, some type of agreed governance, some guidelines for naming, rules how to structure the information. And the discipline to do it. This takes effort and logical work. Nobody wants to do this really."

The corollary might be: It's not the tool, but rather the process around it.  In other words, even a mediocre tool can be successful if properly tuned for an important purpose. But, alas, such tuning involves human commitment and effort and we are all too busy for that, it seems.

Douglas Weidner
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On Wed, Jun 10, 2020 at 4:01 AM Pavel Kraus <p.kraus@...> wrote:

I am wondering how this Guru will perform after one year when full of material and used by a multitude of users.

Or will it go the path of so many other applications that are cherished at the beginning and abandoned later due to information overload.

As I described in this article though, the next empty application is already around the corner :)

Best Pavel Kraus

hi Rahul,

Guru is simple, easy to integrate, and affordable.


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