Re: Knowledge Management article: The Moderating Effects of Dynamic Capabilities on Radical Innovation and Incremental Innovation Teams in the Global Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Industry #COVID-19 #research #innovation

Dennis Thomas

Heather, and thank you for your feedback.  

I understand your work because our Radical Innovation team is developing two parallel KM “team oriented” technologies.  One, a common language, multi-dimensional KM knowledge ecosystem development, management, and real-time delivery technology, and the other, a concept computing technology.  A system that will interact with people on a conceptual level, meaning, the way people naturally think.  Ultimately, these two systems will converge. 

I was literally looking for feedback from NSF on this project when I found your response.  

I am happy to give you a complimentary subscription to the tools when ready later this year.   I would be interest in your enlightened feedback.


On Jun 9, 2020, at 11:36 PM, Heather Johnson <heather57johnson@...> wrote:

I wanted to also acknowledge that indeed the constructs in this research made the research very difficult. I had many high impact topics that were converging on to each other. Great observations!

Your mention of the ability to capture someone's attention is fleeting at best makes it more important for us as knowledge management experts to ensure that knowledge is imparted in such a way to leave lasting impressions on the brain.


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