Re: KM best practice in professional services #case-studies #consulting

Stan Garfield

>In professional services, what is the KM program that worked best in your organisation?

When I led the KM program for professional services at HP, the initiatives that worked best were:
  • The capture and reuse process, supported by the Project Profile Repository
  • The communities initiative, supported by HP Forums
  • The recognition and rewards initiative, supported by KM Stars
For details, see:
>There seems to be a reticence in documenting and sharing knowledge for fear of discouraging people from listening to the client and advising a bespoke solution to their needs.

The reluctance in documenting and sharing knowledge was based more on the lack of time provided for those activities.  There was some reluctance to reuse knowledge for the reason you mention, and also because reuse could decrease the number of billable hours needed to deliver a project and thus prevent achieving billable hour goals.  The capture and reuse process, which required documenting and reusing, and the KM Stars initiative, which rewarded documenting and sharing, both helped overcome these challenges.

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