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I have been talking to some interesting people over the last month - in conversations that I think are of interest to knowledge managers but let me know if they are too wildly off-beam.

The first two conversations are about misinformation. Bobby Duffy's research on what people actually know (and what they think other people know) is really interesting from a KM perspective - in that it attempts to measure the accuracy of people's beliefs (which vary wildly depending on topic). Axel Bruns & Timothy Graham's work digs into how knowledge (esp. false knowledge) moves through online networks. Tim Rayner's talk is about prototyping in organisations and agile techniques (which are doubtless familiar to many people here) and Eaon Pritchard's is about many different things. N.B. I don't agree with everything that my interviewees say - i just think they are worth talking to.

COVID-19 Misinformation and Social Media - Axel Bruns & Timothy Graham: https://infoinnouts.podbean.com/e/socmedmis/
Bobby Duffy - The Perils of Perception, COVID-19 and Generational Myths: https://infoinnouts.podbean.com/e/duffy/
Tim Rayner - Prototyping for Business: https://infoinnouts.podbean.com/e/tim-rayner-prototyping-for-business/
Eaon Pritchard - Shot By Both Sides: https://infoinnouts.podbean.com/e/eaon-pritchard-shot-by-both-sides/

I am also conscious that I have slipped into talking to people like myself (male, western, middle-aged) for the last few podcasts (our webinars have been a little more diverse) and I need to change that up.


Matt Moore

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