Re: Assessing Use of Knowledge: Feedback and a Couple of Questions #knowledge-reuse #metrics


Ivan - I’d start by laying out what a “win” looks like. Consider answers to questions like:
- who is the intended audience for the content/knowledge products you are managing?
- what good outcome is expected if that content is used effectively by your target audience?
- are there other ancillary good outcomes that might come about as a result of this collection of stuff, either for the producers who codified it or other types of consumers/users of it?
- what is the value of these good outcomes, in terms of time, cost, revenue or quality/effectiveness?

You might also consider the “anti-case” - who would be upset if this collection suddenly became unavailable? Or what would be the risk of not having it? 

To me, these are ways that I would explore to help me get at the business value that your work is generating. It is a very different approach than simply measuring transactions against artifacts. And it is much more likely to attract the attention of a wider audience of stakeholders - if you find a way to link it to business metrics that matter. 

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