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Tom and Derek have pointed you to some solutions they offer. I’d like to point you to another, one that been around since well before the advent of KM.  It is known as “Performance Analysis” and it draws a sharp distinction between what a job incumbent knows and what is needed to be known to perform the job in question. I rather imagine your employers are more interested in capturing the knowledge necessary to perform as well as the people you might lose than they are in capturing everything the people in question know. Let me know if that interests you and I can provide more info. I don’t want to put Stan on the spot but I suspect he knows what I’m talking about.

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Hello David - I developed a full suite of tools and methods to facilitate Rapid Knowledge Transfer while leading KM at a major utility that was very concerned about aging workforce. This was parr of an overall Aging Workforce Risk Mitigation strategy I created. 

A detailed description of the situation I had to address is in this post in this forum over 10 years ago.

I subsequently developed and delivered a full solution. 

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