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PMI BOK is a useful document for the transactional aspects of project management, but almost devoid of insights in the intangible aspects snd soft skills. It has very little pragmatic advice on building capabilities within a project or the benefits of a project beyond the project itself.

It may be a good guide if a knowledge professional want you learn how to MANAGE a project, but that is a VERY different thing from successfully engaging people in a knowledge creating initiative. Successful KM is largely about Stimulating the flow of knowledge through an organisation to create value (mostly in ongoing iterative cycles to inform strategy). PM (as guided by PMI PM BOK) is largely about focusing on “the Iron Triangle” of Time, Quality, Cost & Scope to deliver a predefined objective by controlling the whole process and then closing it off.

I argue that management is a convergent (Inward focused) mindset and behaviours, whereas a great KM program is much more divergent in character (see image). We need both of course, but many KM initiatives have too much management and insufficient leadership. Happy to share deeper thoughts on this off Forum.

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It is funny!  It also kind of makes my point, PM has incorporated KM processes into PM, but has KM incorporated PM practices into KM?  And its not the same thing.  It makes sense that KM can be used in PM to manage project knowledge and I teach my students that one of the main services a project or program management office offers is this KM, but I haven't really seen KM embrace PM in performing KM projects and I'm thinking that a PMO would be an asset to managing several KM projects and the KM program in the same organization....murray

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On a light-hearted note (it is Friday after all), here's a version of 'Somethin' Stupid' which encapsulates the challenge that our labels (PM and KM) can sometimes get in the way...

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    Dear friends:
    Maybe I overlooked this in the messages on this subject but I would like to draw your attention to  ‘A Guide to the PROJECT MANAGEMENT BODY OF KNOWLEDGE” or PMBOK of the Project Management Institute. To my knowledge the 6th edition is the latest version. The PMBOK has a chapter on KM (chapter 4.4) and the voluminous book has other related subjects e.g. communications, quality, risks, etc.
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