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Murray Jennex

and of course I want to thank April Allen, Matt Moore, Stephan Bounds, and Daan Boom whose comments are helping me and are being used also.

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I've been digging through the last 10+ years of strategic KM list server emails to find out how people are ensuring KM is aligned with strategic goals.  I've found a few tidbits:

Chris Collison  post from 1/3/13 on KM maturity models
Albert Simard post from 3/14/16 KM best practices including PM, Program, Governance and includes his book file

additionally I found Cory Banks post from 1/8/12, on KM in a PMO and this seems to be the only post over the last 11 years to specifically address a PMO

Tom Short also pops up several times and there are others.

Albert's best practices book gives the most guidance on how to make KM project performance repeatable and also includes the point that KM has to be a project or a program to ensure getting support from management.

Does this represent the state of the art for KM project management?  Project processes are a key to being repeatable and a Project or Program Management Office is the PMI approach to ensuring consistency across the organization and in the KM case, having a KM program office would do this.

Bruce Boyes has pointed me to much of his work that talks of programs as also being a key to strategic alignment.  Al doesn't say use a PMO but recognizes having alignment as a good practice.

I've been reviewing KM manager job descriptions and while project management was a key skill a few years ago it does seem to be so much now.  Arthur Shelly has suggested to me that KM job titles are evolving and KM managers aren't what they once were, the recent job post for a Program Director for South Sudan seems to back that.

Cindy Young and David Eddy are also PMPs on this list and feel project management skills are key.

Sorry to be so long winded but if you are still with me, how are you, in 2020, ensuring that your KM initiatives are strategically aligned?  How are you, in 2020, ensuring your KM performance is repeatable?

Thanks....murray jennex

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