Re: Center of Excellence (CoE) for Subject Matter Expertise? #expertise

Murray Jennex

I set one up in 1997 for our Year 2000 PMO.  We had a lot of testing to do and not much time so the COE was a way to identify SMEs in different devices and softwares.  The setting up was straight forward, creating the processes, an on line directory and repository.  My time after that was spent mostly all communicating: getting the word to the different groups about the COE, getting experts into the COE, touting the curated contents to users, making sure users knew who the SMEs were, making sure management knew we were using the COE and touting cost and time savings to them.  After Y2K I spent several months making sure knowledge gained was retained in appropriate repositories and of course telling our story....murray jennex

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Subject: [SIKM] Center of Excellence (CoE) for Subject Matter Expertise?

Hello Everyone,

I'm researching the establishment of CoE as an approach to manage subject matter expertise. The use case is a software company with multiple product lines that are highly complex from a technical perspective. This company has grown really fast, and there is not an official single source of truth for expertise. My thoughts are that a CoE might be helpful to establish governance, processes and best practices, which will also help with the implementation of content/assets lifecycle. I'm curious to know if anybody has worked in a similar project/problem and if a CoE was the answer. I'd love to learn more details about your approach. Any ideas, thoughts or perspectives on alternative solution paths would be appreciated too.

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