We are the new Community Champions #Special

Michael Dieterle

Dear SIKM Community,

Earlier this year, Stan and other community leaders launched the Community Managers/Champions project. You can read more about it on pages 4-6 of the SIKM Blueprint. The first community managers, Aprill Allen and Ivan Butina, have kicked off the project impressively and we are very grateful for their support.

Beth Coleman, Catherine Shinners and Michael Dieterle are taking over as community managers over the next couple of months. Some of the activities they will be taking on are:
  • Introducing new members to the community
  • Monitoring and facilitating discussions as needed
  • Initiating new discussions with the intent of including new voices
  • Support ongoing activities such as the monthly call or upcoming ones
  • Special projects around new member journey and group metrics
BethCatherine and Michael have filled in their profiles on groups.io and made them visible to all other community members. We invite you to do the same!
We're looking forward to making this great community a valuable resource for all SIKM members.

Warm Regards,
Beth Coleman
Catherine Shinners
Michael Dieterle

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