Re: Alternative open source to SharePoint Technology #tools

Ankur Gupta

Hi James,

I am looking for capabilities primarily like:

1. Search Engine
2. Online collaboration platform 
3. Document Management (Libraries)
4. Tool for Expertise / Skills Locator

Let know your thoughts. 


On Fri, Jul 17, 2020 at 10:33 AM James Robertson <jamesr@...> wrote:

Hi Ankur,

Part of my role is to keep track of various technologies in this market (in a vendor-neutral way). So I'm happy to help if I can!

SharePoint consists of a few overall aspects:

  • publishing platform for intranets (at corporate and business level)
  • team-level collaboration space (although this is being overtaken by Microsoft Team)
  • lightweight document management

Broadly speaking, what kind of capabilities are you looking for?

That will help myself, and the rest of the list, to point you in the direction of the right product category...


On 17/7/20 1:46 pm, Ankur Gupta wrote:
Dear SIKM Community,

I am looking for an alternative to SharePoint Technology, Can anyone share the list of all the tools which are open source available with almost the same features?

Best Regards,
Ankur Gupta 
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