Knowledge Transfer - looking for a speaker for our internal company conference #knowledge-retention #knowledge-transfer #call-for


Each October we have an internal ‘mini-conference’ on Knowledge Transfer (aging workforce, single point experts, etc.) and are looking for someone at a company who might be willing to spend 30-45 min with us on a virtual conference all. 

 The topic we’re looking at would be “how KT tools/processes can be applied to current business challenges as a result of COVID, e.g., how has COVID impacted their KT efforts, etc.”  Ideally it would be someone at a company that is actively working Knowledge Transfer where they could provide a 15-20 min overview of what they’re doing, and then we could have an open discussion/Q&A about how KT continues to apply during the continuing COVID environment. Thank you

Andrew Muras, andrew.muras@...

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