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Douglas Weidner

At the KM Institute we teach a course on what is no doubt the most rigorous K Transfer approach. 

It was developed dating back to about 2006, and implemented/perfected in a number of major organizations.

Two universities analyzed results and published results regarding the amount of critical K transferred::
Exit Interviews - about 10%
Mentoring - about 67%, but focused on 1:1
K Transfer - about 91%, but focused on one to many, which is substantially more efficient as well.

It was regularly offered in F2F mode and will be converted to both synchronous virtual and asynchronous self-paced modes this year. 

Douglas Weidner
Exec Chairman, Chief CKM Instructor
KM Institute

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Back when I was working I was hired by a major power utility to create a km solution to mitigate aging workforce risk. Employee populations included 10,000 staff in back office and plant engineering/operations.

Over course of two years we developed a pretty robust suite of tools and approaches that were tuned to the varying needs and situations that existed across the target populations.

Happy to discuss further if that’s of interest.  

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