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Sreejith Menath

Hello dear fellow members,
Happy to join this great community. In the past few months of my investigation with knowledge management business, including the market leading products and other state of art research trends, has led me to a few areas which have formidable gaps in their representation.
These are mainly-

  • Current market leading products focus mainly on data re-allocation/rearrangement and personalization mainly restricting to the domain of content intelligence or search intelligence
  • There is an increasing focus on data quality and integrity, but the SaaS market is still vastly focusing the advantage of the improved data availability on visualizations. Meaning they show you the metadata or KPIs that represent data and qualitatively/quantitatively label them within a datahub middle layer, but there is still lack of clarity on how to make meaningful use of those data dashboards.
  • Decision makers look for actionable intelligence, which is still actively missing from the data dashboards.For example how the various KPIs relate and do they converge or diverge from strategic organizational goals.

I would request you to please present your viewpoints or added inputs on these lines. Further if you have been an active user of current knowledge management SaaS/PaaS infrastructure, highlighting specific use-cases from your experience  where you think requires active resolution and intervention in terms improved clarity of problem definition or solution methodology would be highly appreciated.


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