Making Intangible knowledge visible to traditional leaders #data-science


Hi all,
This is my first post on SIKM.  I have worked in KM for 15+ years in Melbourne Australia and did a Masters of KM in the early 2000s.
Two years ago I began working for the Country Fire Authority; a volunteer fire fighting organisation with 53,000 volunteers at 1,219 brigades across the state of Victoria which is the third most dangerous fire state in the world after southern Spain and California.
Our leadership have a great grip on tangible asset management. Fire stations, Trucks, Training and Incident Mgt are all fantastic. But understanding the importance of accumulated experience and local knowledge has never been seriously appreciated or actively managed. As the Head of Knowledge for CFA, my first job has been to help our leaders grasp the nature of this valuable intangible asset. This video is of a presentation I did to the Australian PowerBI Users Group about one of the ways we are making the knowledge of our 50k volunteers visible.
I hope it sparks some thinking for your own organisation.  Always happy to chat about my work and learn from others if you want to reach out.

Stuart French
Program Mgr, Knowledge
Country Fire Authority (VIC)

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