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Murray Jennex

I agree with Valdis and Nancy (exchange tacit).  The Jennex-Olfman KM Success Model includes two constructs related to storing knowledge, one construct focuses on explicit and looks at the accuracy, relevance, and completeness of the knowledge and the other construct deals with tacit where the focus is on capturing who knows the tacit and then providing links to them so that those needing that knowledge can contact the tacit knowledge holder directly.  I've used this approach for over 20 years to manage knowledge in the commercial nuclear industry and for project teams, many of them virtual teams.  I've used network analysis as Valdis suggests to find out who people go to when they need to know something, and I've focused on putting the tacit knowledge in motion so it is exchanged rather than actually trying to capture it.  I have some articles on this if you like....murray jennex

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Hello Stuart,

Have you tried network analysis to map and measure who seeks out whom for advice, expertise, support, knowledge, etc?
The attached map shows a network of doctors -- the arrows show who seeks out whom for advice/expertise on new pharmaceuticals/prescriptions.  For privacy, names have been replaced by random numbers.
Valdis Krebs

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