Re: Making Intangible knowledge visible to traditional leaders #data-science


Thanks Valdis and Murray. 
I have used SNA before and did consider it, but at CFA, 80% of work is phone/paper based so there is no accessible data on connections. I have been restricted in terms of access to observing local practice and them completely cut out because of COVID restrictions. In any case, manually mapping interactions would be impossible given 53,000 volunteers across 1,219 brigades.
I am left with few options so I have joined a volunteer brigade myself (have done the 7 month training and done 10 call outs now) so I can understand the types on knowledge the brigades deal with, where the gaps are and most importantly getting a feel for the amazing mentoring culture at our brigades.  This has been really worth the investment and also given me a bit of credibility with the operations people who have little time for office workers telling them how to do their job :)

Valdis, do you have any ideas about data collection in this environment to build the SNA off?  I wanted to get access to the phone records but got a hard NO due to union issues.  Also, given the highly transactional nature of emergency management, most of those calls will be to communicate or hand-over incident information, not pass on knowledge or solve problems.

Murray, I follow a similar approach and have two projects underway at the moment: Knowledge Hub for people to access explicit info and Knowledge Web for people to flow, identify and connect with tacit knowledge.

Thanks for your feedback!

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