Re: Making Intangible knowledge visible to traditional leaders #data-science

Murray Jennex

do you have phone records? can you see which internal phone numbers get the most internal calls? (i.e. I know this won't work if everyone is using their own phones) but it would seem that a non digital workplace would have some means of seeing who people are talking to, perhaps talk to the mail room and see who is getting the most paper requests? Of if people are using chat on computers to talk perhaps track traffic to employee ids?  You have an interesting problem, it will require some out of the box thinking but I think it can be done...murray

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Thanks Murray.  One of our volunteers recently complained he had been hit by 18 separate surveys since COVID began.  All from different people and levels of the organisation.  Our people are well and truly surveyed out. I need a way to passively determine these connections which in a non-digital workplace is proving difficult.

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