Re: Making Intangible knowledge visible to traditional leaders #data-science

Valdis Krebs

Although we started talking about intangible knowledge, may I expand the conversation to "emergent knowledge"? Attached is a network map from earlier this year of medical researchers and scientists who came together to fight Covid-19.  This data is from the public data base -- PubMed -- which lists all published, peer-reviewed papers in various medical fields.  Two people/nodes are connected if they were co-authors on a paper together.  Some relationships are stronger than others, but we do not show the thickness of the link for easy of reading. The node colors have no meaning here, but could be used to designate: country, medical speciality, organization, etc.  What is amazing is that this network formed in the first half of 2020.  Sure some of these people probably knew each other and had worked together prior to Covid, but this is the shape of the main component focused on the topic of Covid-19.  Unlike the politicians, who did not unite around this virus, scientists came together and freely shared their findings to beat the disease.


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