Re: Reference resources, case studies about managing tacit knowledge? #case-studies #definition

Valdis Krebs

>>  I do think that the use of weak signals instead of strong signals is creating more opportunities for SNA to be useful.


I will disagree.  Weak ties/signals have lost their original meaning on the Internet.  In fact there is no real agreement on what a weak signal/tie is.

Regarding weak signals/ties and SNA… if you set the bar low enough for what a tie/signal is, then everyone is connected to everyone else, and you have a useless hairball.Weak signals often are associated with weak info — you overhear in the cafeteria that your college team won their football game last weekend.  Nice to know, but not necessary to do your job.  How to solve a tough problem at work does not appear in weak signals, it is accomplished in conversations/sense-making with people you trust and who understand the context of the situation.

“Facebook friends” — yeah, that phrase also has many meanings.  Many people appear to have hundreds or thousands of friends on Facebook and contacts on LinkedIn… but those are often faux friends/contacts, even though both sides have to “confirm” the tie/connection.  People “track” many more others online than they actually have a conversation with (one indicator of a true friendship/contact).  Based on FB’s own research, guess how many friends people *actually* have on FB??? 🤔 I will share the research, but would love to see some answers from this group first. 😉



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