September 2020 SIKM Call: Guy St. Clair and Barrie Levy - Applied Knowledge Services: A New Approach for Management and Leadership in the 21st Century Organization #monthly-call #knowledge-services

Stan Garfield

TO: SIKM Leaders Community

Today we held our 181st monthly call. 
Thanks to Guy and Barrie for presenting, to those who asked questions and made comments, and to all those who attended. Please continue the discussion here by replying to this thread. Here are the details of the call.
  • September 15, 2020 SIKM Call: Guy St. Clair and Barrie Levy - Applied Knowledge Services: A New Approach for Management and Leadership in the 21st Century Organization
  • Slides
  • Recording
  • Chat transcript is below
  • Guy and Barrie are the authors of The Knowledge Services Handbook: A Guide for the Knowledge StrategistBoth are affiliated with Columbia University in the City of New York, where they teach the course Managing Information and Knowledge: Applied Knowledge Services in the Postbaccalaureate Studies Program at Columbia’s School of Professional Studies.
  • Guy is also the Series Editor for Knowledge Services, the new series from de Gruyter Saur in Berlin. Barrie and Guy’s book, published last fall, is the first title in the series.
  • Barrie is the Knowledge Services Coordinator/Knowledge Strategist for Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, PC, a global architectural firm headquartered in NYC.  She is a member of the 2015 graduating cohort of Columbia’s M.S. in Information and Knowledge Strategy program, where she also is an Associate Lecturer for the course Foundations For the Knowledge-Driven Organization.
  • In their talk, Barrie and Guy described knowledge services as a management and leadership methodology for working with an organization’s intellectual capital. By supporting intellectual capital as a main corporate asset, knowledge services becomes especially important as effective knowledge sharing is required throughout the organization to be most successful long term.
Group Chat

[9/15/2020 10:55:26 AM] Stan Garfield: Slides are at

[9/15/2020 11:22:57 AM] Barrie Levy: it's great to see (read off) some familiar faces (names)! thanks all for joining us today.

[9/15/2020 11:25:08 AM] Stan Garfield: Humanist Management and Knowledge Services: What Do We Get?

[9/15/2020 11:25:08 AM] Stan Garfield: Peter Drucker: Profile in Knowledge

[9/15/2020 11:31:30 AM] Stan Garfield: Servant Leadership

[9/15/2020 11:40:09 AM] Stan Garfield: Future call: Nov 17, 2020 - David Gurteen on Conversational Leadership

[9/15/2020 11:40:25 AM] Rocio Sanz:  👍

[9/15/2020 11:42:15 AM] Stan Garfield: Call recording from March 2020 - John Hovell and David Gurteen on Conversational Leadership

[9/15/2020 11:42:15 AM] Stan Garfield: Patrick Lambe's recording on Knowledge Audits from March 2019

[9/15/2020 11:49:14 AM] Stan Garfield: Data, information, and knowledge

[9/15/2020 11:54:25 AM] Rocio Sanz: Can you share the link of the blog?

[9/15/2020 11:54:37 AM] ginetta: Thank you!

[9/15/2020 11:54:55 AM] Brett Patron: it’s on the slide

[9/15/2020 11:55:01 AM] Rocio Sanz: .)

[9/15/2020 11:55:02 AM] Brett Patron: #3

[9/15/2020 11:55:02 AM] Stan Garfield:

[9/15/2020 11:55:23 AM] Rocio Sanz: thanks Brett!

[9/15/2020 11:56:34 AM] Connie Smith: Really enjoyed this, thank you!

[9/15/2020 11:56:43 AM] Ivan: Thank you!

[9/15/2020 11:56:50 AM] Rocio Sanz: Thanks very much!

[9/15/2020 11:57:04 AM] Joel Muzard: Thank you !

[9/15/2020 11:57:17 AM] Brett Patron: Glad to see you two here (Columbia Univ IKNS Class of 2021)

[9/15/2020 11:57:22 AM] Barrie Levy: thanks so much for listening!

[9/15/2020 11:57:22 AM] Barrie Levy: HEY BRETT!

[9/15/2020 11:57:22 AM] Barrie Levy: saw few IKNS alumns on the call!

[9/15/2020 11:58:16 AM] Brett Patron: and i just bought the last book on Amazon!  😁

[9/15/2020 11:58:25 AM] Barrie Levy: fantastic!

[9/15/2020 11:58:49 AM] Brett Patron: #RoarLionRoar

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