Re: Professional Services KM Content: Does anyone have experience in migrating from Microsoft SharePoint to Salesforce (SFDC) #SharePoint

Vijayanandam VM


To answer your additional questions.

A . Do you plan to use SFDC to “distribute” your knowledge to internal/external users ? or are you going to rely on another platform (CMS, search engine… 

Answer :
1. Primarily we plan to use "bunch of knowledge assets" as play book for implementing a given solutions. How it would work in SFDC we do not know. Yet to evaluate
2. In future there is plan to make this knowledge available to Partners also

B. Do you have complex requirements for access control and approval workflow? if yes you might want to double-check if SFDC is matching your needs.

Answer : 
1. Yes. Content Review and publishing 
2. Visual representation of the Knowledge playbook for the solution

We will explore how SFDC can address these requirements. 

appreciate your support again Pierre. Thank you.


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