Re: Topical/threaded discussions and KM #CoP #question #metrics

Stan Garfield

Sam, welcome to the community, and thanks for posting here!

Here are my thoughts. I encourage other members to also respond with theirs.

>How valuable is it to have a tool that organizes topical / threaded discussions and sub-discussion among employees, and gives priority to posts & comments that are more engaging among employees? Why or why not?

I believe that it is valuable to have a threaded discussion tool.  I don't think that prioritizing posts and comments is necessary.  The most engaging threads will be obvious by the number of replies made in them and by the number of different members making those replies.

>How do you measure the growth of your knowledge base?

Report on the number of contributions over time, the number of different people making contributions, and the percentage of the target population making contributions.

>How do you measure the usefulness of your knowledge base?

Here are three ways:
  1. Conduct user surveys and employee satisfaction surveys
  2. Monitor search logs to see if users are finding what they need or if searches are failing to return useful results.
  3. Add a “I reused this document” or "I found this useful" button, similar to a “Like” button, but more specific, to all content. Encourage users to click on this button for content they were able to reuse. Report on the percentage of content that receives these clicks and the average number of such clicks per content item. See 5-Star Ratings: Just Say No
>Knowledge owners should be incentivized to share thoughts and ideas within the workplace. How to tie sharing/collaboration etc. to KPIs?

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